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Short stories| Gratitude

Most of the time, we forgot what we currently have and own. Sometimes we seek needless pleasures or items elsewhere.

Blog post No.4 | Mental health | My Story

This is to date, by far the most important and thoughtfully put together blog post. First thing first, before we proceed with today’s feast of a post. I would just like to say, to those all going through something right now, that you’re not alone. You’re loved ones are patiently

Blog post No.3 | International self care Day

In these modern, hectic, unpredictable times I feel like it’s more important than ever that we all take care of ourselves.

Blog post No.1 | Comfort zone, frustration & acceptance

If you want to progress in this life, you’ve got be prepared to leave your comfort zone. The road ahead will be filled with frustration, misunderstandings, tension but mostly importantly you’ll experience your growth.

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