Poems | People Are People | Jheigh

People may say what they want to say,
They can think whatever they want to think,
They can judge you as much as they want to
they can make you feel unhappy too.

People can hurt you through and through
they might not understand you,
they could talk about you on the side,
you can run but there’s no place to hide.

You can’t control how people think
You can’t control what people say
You can’t control what people do
Doesn’t matter whether it’s ruining you.

People only see what they want see
They do things they are not supposed to do,
They talk about things they don’t actually know about
You can never shut their mouth.

To those people who only talk about others behind their back
Look at yourselves first before you mock.
You actually don’t know the person you are talking about
You no nothing about that someone, there’s no doubt.

Yes, that person might did something immoral or bad
but who are you to judge when you can’t even tell

That what you are doing right now is bad.
Not only you make that person miserable, you also make her feel sad.

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