Blog Post No. 21 | Life is a Mirror

Life has a interesting way of mirroring your actions.

Through this post today, I’ll be talking about an experiment that was carried out. The end goal of this experiment, was to teach its participants of the implications that their actions may have on their direct future.

So without any further ado. I present to you my 21st blog post “Life is a mirror”.

Hope you enjoy it.

The Balloon Experiment

The experiment required 50 people and 50 balloons and one room. The 50 participants were politely asked to enter the room, the room happened to be filled with 50 balloons.

The conductor entered the room and gave each individual a marker pen. He gave all the participants, one instruction to complete. He ordered for each person to grab one balloon each and simply write their name on the balloon.

As instructed each individual, grabbed the nearest balloon and wrote their name accordingly.

The conductor then requested for each balloon, to be given to him as each participant left the room. So as ordered, one after the after each individual gave their balloon as they left the room.

The conductor went into and placed the now named balloons into a completely different room, that already contained another 100 balloons.

The conductor, gathered all 50 participants and took them to the room that he placed all of the balloons in. Once again, he gave one instruction. He instructed for the 50 participants to go into the room and find the balloon that has their name written, within 5 minute period of time.

As expected he watched the participants, frantically rush into the room in search for their name, causing utter chaos. People were colliding, pushing each other around due to urgency of the task to be completed within the 5 minute period of time.

At the end of the 5 minutes. None of the participants were successful in finding their balloon.

The conductor gathered the angered participants and requested for them to follow a further instruction. He instructed for each participant to grab and call out the name that had been written on the balloon.

As requested, the participants followed the instruction. This time the end results were different. The participants were able to gather and swap balloons until everybody had the balloon with their name on it. All within the 5 minute timeframe.

The conductor gathered everybody around for one last time. This time he had no instruction to give, only a word of caution. He told the participants to be wary. He told of how everybody was frantically looking around for their own happiness (balloon), without any consideration of their surroundings. He helped them recognise that their awareness/consideration of others brought them to their happiness (balloon).

So be mindful of the energy you portray throughout your day. What you give, eventually you shall receive.

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