Start your day | Monday

New week, new day.

Monday’s, the most cursed day of the calendar week. Poor Monday.

Maybe, Monday’s are not your favourite day of the week. I don’t think people dislike the day itself, I think any negative emotion towards is due to their own personal situations which are usually work related. Working in a environment which is sometimes draining after a positive, fun, getaway weekend from the horrors of work. One thing for sure, is that Monday’s offer us something that the other days in the week don’t is the ability to start afresh. A fresh clean slate.

Monday gives us the opportunity to forgot all and erase past errors from memory. Needless to say we’re all striving towards a specific goal, of which some of us are more aware of the goal in sight than others. It’s completely understandable if you’re currently sorting all the clothes in the closet, neatly folding away all the questions that life has to offer in the right place.

Doubts will come up throughout the journey. You’ll find that life will strategically place these hurdles in certain points of your life. Some of these hurdles you’ll clean with ease, whilst you trip over the rest with a few bumps and bruises. What we sometimes do as humans is forget, that we have actually got over the hurdle behind us and tend to focus more on the bumps and bruises on our arms and legs. Appreciate and take pride in your war wounds, you’ve survived and surpassed what you’ve most feared.

At the end of this day, when it’s all said and done. You’ve returned back home after your daily duties, display some manners and don’t forget to thank yourself for the efforts of the day, the efforts that you’ve placed towards your desired future. Take the time this evening to thank yourself for overcoming the first hurdle of the week.

You’re unique, there isn’t one person on this planet that’s built like you. A limited edition, one time rolling movie. Start believing and valuing your worth. Your ambitions, goals, aims, everything you wish for are chasing you, they want to become a memorable part of your movie. They want to walk on the red carpet with you.

Start your movie today. Lights, camera, action.


  1. polley93 says:

    Superb post – as usual. Your writing style is poetic! Have you ever considered writing a book?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jamnesreen says:

    You have a very big potential of being an author! I like the way you write. ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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