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This post will be the post under the music section of my blog site. I don’t think there any better way to start it, one of the most influential music artists of all time.

So without any further ado… Bey-Chella


The legend that is Beyoncé, played the role of Santa, dropping off gifts like it was nothing. Beyoncé dropped Homecoming on Netflix, which was also followed by a surprise live album of the entire performance. iTunes and Spotify listeners were also pleased to finally have Lemonade available for consumption.

The documentary is a cocktail mixture of both Coachella performances, with several interludes, performances from the likes of Destiny Child, Jay Z and co.

“New Name Alert”

Among creating history becoming the first black woman to headline the festival, Beyoncé with the help of DJ Khaled’s buoyant, booming self completely rebranded, refaced and ripped up everything that came before her.

Coachella became BeyChella. Beyoncé took the top off.

A year later on after the term was coined, Beyoncé isn’t headlining the event itself but the Queen’s presence can still be felt. Beyoncé left a body of work that will never be replicated and potential never be outdone. Beyoncé didn’t just perform. Beyoncé broke and rebuilt herself.


After giving birth to her twins, Rumi & Sir Carter. Beyoncé returned to rehearsals.

Beyoncé spoke of how her body “went through more than I knew it could” regarding the difficulties that she experienced whilst giving birth to her twins. What caught my interest was how quickly she seems to moves on. Immediately after speaking about her difficulties of childbirth, we’re left mesmerised listening to an audio longing of returning home with the visuals slowly moving to Beyoncé returning to rehearsals, Beyoncé returned “home”.

The visual interlude displayed the conflict that Beyoncé had with her performance itself. Her performance as a Mother and as a Performer.

Beyoncé became a student throughout rehearsals. As she spoke of how she was searching for balance throughout the period of time. How she was juggling her responsibilities. Beyoncé, had to be a mother, a wife, a performer. These ever emphasised responsibilties had her placing restrictions on her diet that just had to met her new damages. No bread, no carbs, no sugar, no diary, no meat, no fish, no alcohol.

Beyoncé wanted to taste success. AGAIN.

Beyoncé become something new.

She became a new woman, she entered a new chapter.

As we’re creatively panned out her personal life and back onto stage with her performing “flawless” to the audio of Jay Z’s “crown”.

We were witnessing the crowning of the new flawless Beyoncé.


The second visual interlude, that I took particular interest too further underlined that BeyChella wasn’t simply just about Beyoncé and her greatness. Beyoncé believed in struggle, hardship, imperfections, she rejoices in it all.

Beyoncé allowed her very own story to be told by other black women. We heard tails of adversity and hardship. Desires and dreams of attending HBCU’s. I believe Beyoncé wanted to by “Hook or Crook” flick the switch in her all of the girls and woman that watched the documentary.

Beyoncé acknowledged the difficulties that come with being a black woman in a white mans world. The successful tails of hardship were a polite middle finger to the common representation that black woman are just subjected to on a daily basis. Beyoncé refuses to be confined in her little box, she refuses to be placed on the pedestal alone. She refuses to accept the limitations that are placed on her.

Beyoncé created a safe environment for these women. She took them away from the rejection of the world. Beyoncé believed they were worthy, so they believed in their imperfections, beauty and strength.

She created a place where these women felt like the Queens and Goddesses that they are.

Beyoncé gave a platform for these stories. She used to the visuals to shake the conscious mind as we returned back onto the stage with her. She managed to sustain that emotional connection with panning back to the visuals of “Don’t hurt yourself.

The message was loud and clear. Know your worth.


The visual interludes were a piece of artwork. Being taken behind the scenes inbetween performances brought the Homecoming all together. The theme of togetherness, unity, family were instilled throughout the documentary, throughout the performances.

Beyoncé wanted to create something that was beyond her. Something that can’t be relived. Beyoncé wanted everybody, everything to feel like family. She wanted to rejoice in the weaknesses and display the strengths.

The theme continued, the selection of performance that followed each interlulde was a clear representation of the emotions that she wish to convey. It wasn’t no suprise that we returned to the stage to performances from Destiny’s Child & Solange. The members of family she originally shared her home with.

Last words

Beyoncé is a detailist. She’s all about the little details. From the stage itself to the shade of colour her costumes are. The number of dancers, her food, the hours of rehearsals, everything has a place and a purpose. There is no waste.

Like I’ve said earlier before, I believe Beyoncé wanted to shake everybody’s conscious mind and the image that they have of themselves. Homecoming wasn’t just simply a documentary about the performance. Beyoncé knew for her performance stand the test time, it wasn’t about her bringing out guest after guest. The performance had to be more than a performance.

We had to hear of the struggles of being a black woman, we had to hear the struggles of self image, we had to see Beyoncé struggle with her self confidence in relation to our own physical imperfections, we had to hear Nina Simeone.

We had to hear the voice of Women.


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