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Recently after taking some time out for reflection. I have been thinking, about what sort of material would I like to be producing/creating. Whether that be on my blog site, Twitter or Instagram itself.

Asking myself the same old questions that all creators probably ask themselves, what do I enjoy or feel some sort of relief writing about?

After appearing on the talented Jenna’s “Views from the Mandem” series. The thoughts are have resurfaced, the volume has been turned up in my head again. Those questions are being asked once again.

The appearance allowed me dig up some unrest and voice my experiences that have shaped my mental and my perception on everything worldly. And yes, for those of you who unfortunately missed or haven’t had the opportunity to read it. I’ll be posting an extended version on my blog site.

Next Wednesday, 24th of April, 7PM.

As part of my reflective period, I’ve decided that the majority of the post coming from myself will be more in frame of my previous blog post “pictures”. On which I discussed the possibilities and the importance of using visualisation in our lives. And how the visualisation of thoughts can actually help the development of your thought process. How you can create a better house for your mental health.

This post will also be the birth of a new category. “Start your day” will predominately have posts, focusing on instruments that can be used to better our mental at the start of the day.

Shaping our minds for the busy day ahead.

The first post of the category, will be based on the importance of a mantra. Throughout the post will be discussing the definition of the word, it’s origins as a word and how we can openly practise it daily.

So without any further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen. I present to you “Mantra”.


What is a mantra? What are it’s origins?

So to paint the picture, I’ve had a look at what Oxford’s English Dictionary would define as what is a mantra.

According to the dictionary, a mantra is;

“a word, phrase or sound that is repeated again and again, especially during prayer or meditation.”

In relation to it’s origins, I’ve also had a look at what the Etymology Dictionary and seen what they would have to say on the matter.

And according to them, it’s origins are from;

“Sanskrit mantra-s “sacred message or text, charm, spell, counsel, “literally” instrument of thought.””

With it’s origins coming from Hinduism and Buddhism.

After looking at the definition and the origins of the word it’s itself. A mantra is/can be a word or a series words of words repeated over and over again.

Awareness of our thoughts

First thing first, we must be aware our thoughts. What is happening in our minds when we’re running around the place, trying to solve every little issue. What type of thoughts usually guide our days.

Being able to identify what truly ticks or crosses our boxes, takes awareness, patience and practise. Be patient whilst you practise your awareness.

An example of awareness, is being to catch yourself when you begin to use negative self talk.

A common example of what’s said is “I’m rubbish at …” without knowingly willing it on ourselves, we’re already conceded to the thoughts of a possible painful, difficult and unrewarding experience. The battle has been lost long before it even began.

So remember, a mantra is originally a thought itself. A thought that’ll you physically project through your actions.

Plan your thoughts as you do with your day. To make this a little more realistic and relatable, I’ll use another example.

This time, I’ll use the example of travelling. I’m guessing like myself, you happen to find yourself planning your way to your desired route the night before. Whether that’s setting your clothes aside for the next day, popping your lunch into the fridge or even setting the dreaded 400 alarms for the morning.

Depending on how well you plan your day, your journey will generally follow the same course. And actions follow the same course. Your actions will follow the direction, that your thoughts have left behind in its trail.

So the question, that’ll be asking you the reader is. Why don’t we apply the same logic, to our lives? Why don’t we guide our thoughts with the same urgency, as if we had to go somewhere important the next day?

I’ll leave those questions for your reflection, as I also reflect on what can be done in own my life. Plenty of food for thought.

Practising a mantra

Now think of your day as a destination. What direction do you wish to take? Do you wish for a peaceful day? A day filled with joy? Or maybe a day of reflection?

Now that you’re thinking of what direction you wish to take your day. Think of the words that are linked to your destination.

And watch how your brain will quickly search for all the words in your vocabulary, that are attributed to your chosen destination. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post “pictures”, this when your brain will go on that problem solving excursion.

The beauty of a mantra, you’ll find the day and everything around you being directed to your choose of word(s) that you’ve repeated yourself, repeated to your conscious. Like your thought process, your mantra can be altered throughout the day, week, month or kept the same for the rest of your days.

Remember, this requires awareness, patience and practise. So please be kind to yourself, show compassion throughout your thinking time, as you learn about how your brain works and how you can build your life around your own mantra.

Last words

Look after your mental and watch everything else fall in place. Think it. Say it. Prepare for it.

Small steps. Great distances. 👍🏾


  1. splitthenightj says:

    Great post! I will definitely keep this in mind, although it’s been a while since I made the decision that negative self-talk would not be allowed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is difficult, I started with just acceptance. Accepting that not everyday will be perfect. Counted the days that I got through as a little survival victory. Until survival turned into small enjoyments throughout the days and weeks.


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