Blog post No.19 | Pictures

Over the next couple of posts, I’ll be focusing on the little things that we can do, to better our mental health.

And today I’ll be talking about, the brain and the little pictures it creates in the background, whilst we’re busy complaining about so and so from work.

The Brain & Its Pictures.

If we stop and think of the things around us today, nothing that exists today has been made without the simplest of images appearing in someone’s mind.

Without that image, that light-bulb moment wouldn’t have happened for someone, that mouse that’ll you be using to scroll down this post wouldn’t have been made. Everything that you see around you today was thought of first.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill

It’s common to hear of sportswomen and men, talk about visualising the event way before the time for action comes around. And you, me, everyone can learn how to positively enhance our quality of thought.

Our brains are constantly creating pictures, creating possible scenarios/simulations of future experiences. The never ending process is always happening quietly in the background. If you’re not aware of this then, you’re probably not making the most of this process. Like everything in life, we can learn how to better ourselves and create these pictures, actively visualising about our desires can help bring them to life.

Once your quality of thinking improves, your quality of life will follow. You can’t have one without the other. The practice of positive visualisation can help overcome fears, anxieties, nerves and also decrease levels of excitement that may hinder and put you in dangerous situations.

First, for us to able to use our brains in a more fruitful manner, we must understand how it works. The brain is essentially a really big and powerful seat-belt. It constantly creates pictures, forming various scenarios to essentially keep you away from harm’s way. The best and easiest way of noticing this is doing this exercise. Think of a desired goal, target, person, whatever it may be. Now watch your brain create all those pictures, identifying the different scenarios of how you can reach/obtain your desired goal.

Practise Your fears | Overcome Your fears.

As they say, practice makes perfect. Practise visualising yourself going through daily tasks, overcoming your fears, achieving that moment of success.

Use the many simulations that we create daily, to go through potential setbacks. Use those pictures. Prepare for the best and prepare yourself to bounce back.

Let’s set an example of practised visualisation working in your favour. The example that’ll choose is the want for a piece of chocolate cake. If you ever think about a piece of chocolate cake but quickly dismiss the thought, the desire for that cake happens to decrease until the thought passes into nothing. However, if you think about the same piece of cake, over and over again, thinking of the frosting, the moistness of the cake and how wonderful ever mouthful will taste, the want will only increase, until the ”want” becomes a ”need”.

This is the point where your brain, will go through a problem-solving excursion, trying to find a practical way of getting that cake. And that’s how you end up at your Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda’s on the way home in search of that cake. It’s the problem-solving process working away at its best.

This technique of positive visualisation can be used and taken into other aspects of our lives. So please, next time you find yourself going through some difficulty or even when you’ve achieved a moment of success in life, take your time and visualise the moments ahead.

Visualise yourself overcoming doubt, confusion, fear, the level of negativity that also comes with achievement.

See yourself growing through the next phases in your life. And remember that there is nothing new under the sun and nothing old under moon.

It’s been done before. And now create your motion picture.


  1. Elaine Davies says:


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  2. splitthenightj says:

    Wow, this is so true! I accidentally read the part about the cake a couple of times and now I can’t get the image of cake out of my head.

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  3. bingingonabudget says:

    Thanks for sharing, great post. How long have you been blogging for?

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    • Thank you! I would say about constantly for about the last 6 months. Previously I dipped in and out of it, but I feel more comfortable in producing content now ☺️ what about you?


  4. Catherine says:

    Very interesting post! I really liked the finishing point of nothing that has been done is new.

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  5. These are great tips for moving on from some tough times. Thank you.

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