Start your day | Peace


We often including myself look for peace in all the wrong places. I’ve recently found myself three months into the year and I’ve completely forgotten about myself.

I’ve stopped doing the little basic things that brought me peace. The little things that slowed down my day and allowing me to feel like my calm, confident, proud and charismatic self.

The beauty of being lost, is that you can always be found. And sometimes you’ll need to go and capture yourself. Don’t forget to take the time out of your busy schedule and do the little things that bring you that peace.

I have found that whenever I feel lost, it’s because I haven’t reset my inner compass to look after number 1 first. Look after number one and watch everything naturally fall into its place accordingly all around.

On that note, it’s Friday and I’m wishing you all peace and it’s okay to be lost, because you can be found.


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