Poems | Hard times | Stewart Luwawa

Hard times don’t last. I say.

They move at an insanely slow rate but they never last forever. The hours last for months, the minutes move like days with the seconds passing at an hourly rate. One day, it’ll pass as quick as night to day.

Those hard times, lord knows they love clutching on my shoulders, always pulling me back for more each and every single day. One day, I pray I’ll be able to get away.

It gets late, so I try to close my eyes so I don’t see no more hard times for me today. Even though I prayed these hard times always find a way. Maybe one day, I’ll get some sleep today.

I know one day that’ll awake, I’ll be able to smile knowing these hard times have taken a sleep from one that’ll they’ll not awake.

Until then, I’ll move slowly through these hard times waiting for the days to pass away…


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