Blog post No.18 | New year, bigger & better push

2018 is done. The years story has been placed into your life story vault.

New year and it’s time for a bigger and better push. Especially around this time of the year, something within us starts to itch. Deep down we all want better for ourselves, the inner desire that we sometimes hush in fear.

Our spirits/little voices are constantly reminding us of our potential. Our capabilities of achieving more. You’ll notice we’re given little glimpse/mini pictures of progress, little tasters of what’s around the corner if we continue to apply of ourselves towards a specific goal.

This is where we have two options. Continue and accept/believe that we’re worthy of the progress/achievement or begin to slowly paint over that picture and return back to previous habits that brought us to the beginning of the journey.

This year I’m making commitment to decide what’s best for myself. What’s best for my progression. What brings me joy and happiness will be placed first. I will be placed first & I’m going to enjoy & love 2019.


  1. Madeline says:

    I concur Stewart. In 2019 what benefits me and my brand will be placed first. Happy New year!


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