Start your day | Make yourself a promise. Last day of the year.

Make yourself a promise.

Choose your inner peace over everything.

Once a person feels at ease/peace with oneself, anything is achievable. Acknowledge the inner conflicts that you have daily. We all have them.

It’s time, today is the time to tackle them.

What we are not taught in school, is that life holds up a mirror to us all constantly. Everything single day life is there with its invisible mirror, reflecting the picture that we have ourselves to the world.

I dare you to attach yourself towards the feelings of joy, happiness and excitement. Watch how a smile to yourself will change your mood. Like the inner conflicts we deal with everyday on our own. This is not a quick fix. It’s a slow and enjoyable life changing process.

If you don’t believe that life mirrors you, try this little test. Without saying a word, give a random stranger that you’ve have good eye contact with today, a smile.

When they smile back, you’ll know that life only wishes to work for you and not against you.


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