Poems | Smile Please | Atul Chandra Sarkar

Over the years I’ve found
The secret of success:
No matter how brief it is,
No matter, if in excess.

That which makes you move,
That which gives you worth,
That which makes you win,
That which instils mirth.

That which distracts people,
That which gives you flora,
That which attracts people,
That which imparts aura.

That which helps feel good,
That which helps you date,
That which lends gravity,
That which helps feel great.

That which blossoms cheeks,
That which twinkles eyes,
That which shows honesty,
That which covers lies.

That which makes you warm,
That which lends you weight,
That which gives you peace,
That which changes your fate.

Yes, it’s a smile, a little smile,
Which costs nothing, yet pays,
It not only cheers you up,
It promises better days.

Just as happiness flows out
From the song of chirping birds,
Let a lovely smile seep out,
And you’ll never need words.

Whenever you meet someone
Like ants on ground or wall,
Always exchange a smile,
Sure, you’ll never fall.

by Atul Chandra Sarkar

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