Blog post No.16 | Move forward & don’t forget to Smile

Although you’ve recently been playing the role of God, with the ability of hindsight in Black Mirror. Unfortunately yours and my life doesn’t quite work out to be the same.

One thing I will be trying to take into next year is the ability to accept what has passed, accept exactly what happened, accept the way it was written. It’s gone, happened, written.

I won’t dwell anymore on the what if’s anymore, it’s time to use my mental energy to manifest something bright, exciting, new into my life. Time is moving forward and it’s I hopped onto the bus, before I get left behind.

Time is something we can’t get back. It’s something I can no longer knowingly decide to waste. I have many blessings, many reasons to smile.

For my future, I choose to accept the past & I hope you can do the same with me too.

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