Start your day | Control your mood, control your day

New day, new opportunities. I woke up and decided to dictate what mood that I wish to cloth myself with today. Too many times, myself include we allow the simplest of things to distract ourselves or affect our psyche for the rest of the day, week sometimes even the rest of the month.

Happiness depends on ourselves.


Take control of your control day. We only have 24 hours for each day. We only have one life to live, to live to it’s fullest potential. Protect your psyche, energy and be wary of the language you use to describe yourself and your day.

It’s a constant working process, I try to find at least three things that brought a smile to my day daily. As humans, it’s naturally embedded in our DNA to finger point the negatives of the day. I challenge you all, to test yourselves now and attempt to find those three things daily. I don’t have time or wish to be drawn to any form of negative energy. I have one life to live, this life will be lived and filled with joy, courage and inner peace even whilst I walk through corridors of struggle and doubt on my search to my three treasures.

Start your day in the right manner. Enjoy your day.



  1. Alena says:

    I like your advice to find three things that make you smile each day. It can be hard to stay in a good frame of mind all day, but anyone should be able to come up with three things, so it sets an achievable goal. Thank you!

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  2. I think this is both a very important and timely reminder. It’s so easy to be negative or to let negativity slip in. I’ll definitely take up this challenge.

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