Poems | Fighting together | Michael McParland

We’ll always fight together, 
defending and standing up for each other. 
Against all obstacles that confront us, 
together we’ll take them on 
they cannot defeat us. 

We’ll fight together side by side for eternity 
defending and supporting each other in everything we need. 
We will equally bare the weight of all 
the things that we will face, 
picking up the slack when one of us 
is unable to complete the task. 
We’ll do it for each other because 
we will always fight together. 

Side by side spirits bound together, 
by choice we picked this 
fate for we truly love each other. 
Fighting together for the perfect cause, 
true love which in this world is so rarely found. 

We’ll face all obstacles 
supporting each other hand in hand. 
This world of love is ours to take and have 
as we continue fighting all the strife together 
finding the promised land 
as we march along and always take a stand.

By Michael McParland


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