Blog post No.9 | Appreciation

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Wherever you may be today, whatever dreams and aspirations you have in life, your struggles are only merely lessons to be learnt. Today is your day, your time is now, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Your life is filled with never ending laughter. Appreciate, the small things that we take for granted. Appreciate the warmth of your bed, the possibility of a good breakfast, the love of your loved ones.

Show your appreciation for your life. Appreciate the day and possibility of constructing your future as you wish.

On a personal note. Thank you, for you simply reading my words. I don’t concentrate on my view count but I have to say that I am taken aback of the views that have been achieved from around the world. It’s honestly beyond amazing to flick through the statistics and see the locations from where the views have originated from.

As a person, I’m far from a pessimistic individual. I’m someone who always has some sort of target to hit. It’s something that I like to rub off on my loved ones. I try to push my loved ones to achieve more whilst most importantly finding their happiness, throughout their respective journeys. The experience of starting up on my own blog has been a real eye opener for me. It’s something that I can say with confidence has been difficult, it’s hard typing up your thoughts in a articulate manner, it’s difficult and yet satisfying when you’ve managed to finish and publish that post. The whole journey from start to finish, is demanding and yet the madness of it all can be very therapeutic.

The support of my constants doesn’t go unnoticed. Those individuals who always show love for your work, always share your posts, always read, digest and comment after taking in your words. I appreciate the support and love. It makes all this typing so much easier.

I appreciate, the support. From the people on twitter, from my family on both sides, from my number one. I thank you all.

Just as the post started, it will end. It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon.


  1. Great appreciation post! Thank you for the inspiring words!


  2. This is such a lovely idea, it’s always nice to take some time to stop and reflect on what we’re grateful for in our lives!

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  3. Beautiful!! Grateful people are Great people 👌🏽

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  4. polley93 says:

    I always love reading your blog. It’s calming. It’s honest. It’s articulate. And it’s real. It’s in my Reader on WordPress so it’s easy to find. Definitely a fan. (Looking forward to the Paris rewrite!)

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