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It’s a pretty simple concept.

Sometimes in this technological world, we seem to not only forget the effects technology has on ourselves, but the struggles the sitting right next to us may have in this moment. No fault being placed on anyone, it just sometimes happens. Social media is beautiful and it can be very disruptive and damaging to your life. A good Instagram filter sprinkled on top of a smile can hide a lot to the naked eye.

Since restructuring and totally transforming the look of my blogsite, I have attempted to use my blogsite more openly. The thought process around the way that I wanted the blogsite to look, took just over a month. A lot tweaking, adjusting, updating and even acceptance of the current limitations had to happen. Eventually, we have what we have today and I love it, the introduction of two new support pages is where my current attention and focus lays.

As most of you are aware, I have flooding your timeline with requests. I have been searching for people who fit the pages criteria and openly asking if for me to share their work on the relevant page. When the thought of the introduction pages come to my mind, I was always going to create a Art | Photography page. I have a fascination with Art. I find it in-explainable how somebody can be given a blank canvas with tools and be left with their peace and chaos, resulting in such je ne sais quoi.

I often use art to compare it to life itself. At it’s most basic format, we are all given a blank canvas everyday with certain tools to create our own “je ne sais quoi”. Sometimes we are not aware of the fascination beyond our creation like the artist is often not aware of his/her work, sometimes we can not see the glory in our day to day work until like the artist somebody has taken an interest and admiration in our work and requested for it to be placed on display. For all to see.

As humans, naturally we are not naturally aware of  identifying what we like in any situations first, we nitpick at everything we don’t like first and leave the remaining aspects open for discussion or to be experienced a perfect example of this is when you meet a person or do something for something for the first, consciously or not at the specific moment we try to create a good first impression. It’s inbuilt in all of us to identify and notice the bad/negative aspects within any scenario first, as a survival instinct. It’s normal for you to see the negative aspect first. There is nothing wrong with you at all.

We just must learn to also flip the coin and see the glory behind our day to day work.

I have the same intention behind my second support page Music|Entertainment. I never written a song, directed a music video or documented anything in form of a visual recording, I have done nothing of that sort, nothing at all. As music is still an art form, I can imagine the same struggles still apply within this category.

I personally intend to admire and support more people who are creating and perfecting their craft everyday. As far as I’m concerned, for me personally mental health is still pretty much a taboo subject. There is still a negative stigma behind it all. Considering all of the platforms we now have at our disposal it’s difficult and yet sad to comprehend the lack clear open discussion around mental health. More should be done and it these discussions should had and held at your work place as well. Following this post, I will be creating a discussion group where stories, experiences and thoughts can be shared openly without any fear of judgement. Anybody is welcome.

We can all support each other. We can all identify the “je ne sais quoi” in others work.

The blogging community is a beautiful place. I honestly see a lot of beautiful work. We can all shed a little more light around support and mental health, until the topic becomes open as asking somebodies favourite colour.

And on a side note, thank you for all love and support that I have been personally receiving for the recent post. Beyond appreciative with your words and your time.

Always and forever.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to following people, for sharing their work with me. I thank your courage, dedication and confidence that you have with your work. May you all continue to have faith and love what you do.

Syed Ezaz | Artist

Twitter @Syd9116 | Instagram @sydrawsomething

You should probably start selling your pieces, find a way and start your little business in your name. People will come, enjoy and purchase your work.

Zae | Musician

Twitter | @ZaelyMusic | Instagram | @ZaelyMusic 

Hybrid emtionZ currently out on all music platforms. I’ve already said and I’m about to put the caps locks on, THE EP IS A PROBLEM. TWO MUSIC VIDEOS OUT. GIMME YOUR LOVE IS MY NEW JAM. GO, LISTEN AND THEN WE CAN TALK.

Mary | Musician

Twitter | @KidWondR | Instagram | @KidWondR

Mary, Mary, Mary. Introduced to her music by my brother who has created a music video and a documentary for WondRWomN. You can hear the dedication, work rate she puts into her craft, in every work. I’m just patiently waiting for her to BLOW. WondRWomN has an EP out now, you’ll be able to listen to “The Girl Next Door, that raps” on all music platforms. The next female rapper to come out of the UK. Listen to “Who Done It?” and you’ll understand why I have faith in her work.

Richie | Content creator

Twitter | @Luwxwa | Instagram @Luwxwa

This is easy part for me. The younger bro, for me is the black Harry Potter. If you’re currently based in London and wish to work with somebody who is serious and humble about their craft. Drop him a message on his socials. His body of work speaks for himself.

I’m also going to name, @LileeMathews, @MonetTheArtist & @ItsStillNotFineArt. Pending work to be uploaded from these guys soon as well.

Thank you all again.


  1. polley93 says:

    lol be your writing! Very fluid and you paint a lovely verbal picture. Definitely subscribed!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. polley93 says:

    LOVE your writing! (Damn you auto spell!)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LiveNotExist says:

    Very well written. You’re so right about the stigma around mental health. That’s why I also love this blog community. That we can use our blog like a therapist and feel safe to share

    Liked by 1 person

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