Blog post No.6 | Bedtime (Energy)

First thing first. Thank you for visiting the post, hope you have had a peaceful and relaxing week. If you haven’t been lucky enough to experience that solitude, at least today is Friday after all. On a side note, somebody please let me know where the past eight months have gone. I’m asking for a friend.

If I’m being honest, I’m entering my element with the months ahead. That winter wardrobe has been whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Those winter clothes and me, go together like a pair of hands with some gloves. We were made for each other.

Friday today, the weekend starts tomorrow, it’s time to flex our muscles, retreat and indulge our personal time with the alarms clocks being laid to rest for the next couple of days.

Whilst dealing with our hectic lives and schedules, we often forget and neglect, the most important person. We never really ask ourselves “how has our day been?”. It’s something we should be constantly doing. It’s okay and it should deemed as normal to be more self obsessed and selfish. You’re living in your skin/body 24 / 7. No breaks, no nothing. You should naturally be obsessed. It’s your real estate.

Whilst you’re enjoying your weekend, remember your energy is contagious. Protect and nurture your energy. Identify, what genuinely benefits you and what subtracts/drains you. In connection to my previous blog post, be aware of your inside weather. Communicate your thoughts openly, whether that’s with loved ones or on the many social platforms that we have at our disposal. Free your mind and allow what’s necessary for your growth in.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

As you go to sleep tonight, remember you have another chance to reshape and create your life into whatever you wish it to be.I


  1. I thought that I was the only one craving so bad to get lost in my winter wardrobe! It is honestly the best time of year. Thank you for this post, your writing style was very soothing that eased me into a relaxing mode. I have started asking myself more questions about myself on a daily basis and it helps to keep me in tune!

    Thank you


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  2. Lia says:

    Well written and inspirational! I personally hate winter, although I was born in Autumn lol I have been thinking about protecting my energy lately! It’s a real thing and I am trying to be aware of people or things that drain me and not being guilty when I remove them from my life! Thank you for sharing!!

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  3. Nati Creates says:

    Your writing style is absolutely lovely and your blog posts give such good vibes! Thank you for bringing your endless positivity and brilliant advice to the world of blogging.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!

    Nati | | @naticreates

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  4. Love the idea of your skin & body being your real estate. That’s really thought-provoking.

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