Blog post No.2 | Change & truth

First thing first. Bubba I love you, enjoy your time at home. I’m patiently waiting on your return.

Now back to me, I’m thoroughly enjoying this style of blog posting more. More personal, more motivational touch from me, for me.

Thank you for reading & disgusting, my first blog post titled “Comfort zone, frustrations & acceptance”, appreciated the response and love that I received from the post. If you haven’t already, I would recommend reading my previous post “short story”, I’m sure it’s something you’ll be familiar with, dealing with the common daily battles around us. Please, feel free to share your battles and ways you have also overcome your personal hurdles.

BOOM. As you can see from the title, today’s edition of Stewart’s world is all about change and truth. It’s all easier said than done, change is difficult, uncomfortable, daunting, we could go on all night. One thing it isn’t, is easy. Neither is being truthful with yourself, answering difficult questions that life poses you everyday.

The beautiful and exciting thing about change, is that it usually bring along a new spring in your step, everything seems more exciting than before, its like the spark in your life has been set alight again. What we’re not fully truthful to ourselves, is our awareness of the potential hurdles that we will face, leaving us shocked and unprepared tackling those hurdles. In times of thought, I often correlate change and love together, for me Alexander Den Heijer said it best with “Do things worth doing until you ignite that spark inside yourself. But remember, igniting your spark is like falling in love. That’s the easy part. Staying in love and weathering the inevitable storms is the hard part.”. It takes honesty, time and a constant effort to keep that spark slight.

And if you ever want others around you to change, you’ll firstly need to be comfortable with the man in the mirror *songs starts playing in your head*, comfortable with all your faults, excuses, self doubts anything that you feel is holding you back will need to tackled head on.

This is the time to be greedy and selfish, the time to focus on your wellbeing. Focus on finding joy, smiles, laughter and inspiration in life. Everyday is now the time to accept the truth that we all need to prioritise our own self care and display self love above everything else. Once your perspective of oneself is at peace. Nothing but love and growth will be attracted to your being. Following on from my previous short story post, be aware of which wolf you’re feeding. Protect your mindset.

You reap, what you sow. We live in a universe that truly provides us of what we ask for, pick your words wisely when you have those important conversations with yourself.

Lastly on a side note. The prints are available. The foundations and hard work has been finally laid out. Time to relax and enjoy the fruits of our hard work. Whether the prints are being actively bought on a regular basis or not, the actually thinking, planning, creating and the execution of the whole process has meant it is success for me, regardless of the sale volumes.

Thank you for reading. Trust the changes in your life. Keep the spark alight.

More prints, more joy, more success.I

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