Blog post No.1 | Comfort zone, frustration & acceptance

If you want to progress in this life, you’ve got be prepared to leave your comfort zone. The road ahead will be filled with frustration, misunderstandings, tension but mostly importantly you’ll experience your growth.

For those of you who have been regular readers or are aware of my blog posts, your probably wondering why this has been titled blog post no.1. Essentially, looking back the previous posts are currently not what I now intend to talk about or feel like the posts were not really articulated/expressed correctly. At the time, especially at the beginning each post rolled of the tongue, but I’ve had time and reflected on why I probably hit that writers block hurdle too hard and stumbled across the finishing line.

As it’s the first post *wink wink*. I should probably introduce myself. So as you can see from blog heading, my name is Stewart. I’m the eldest child of seven. It goes Me, Richie, Abigail, Aaron, Daniel, Bradley & last but not least the little princess of the family Annabelle. Both of my parents are from Congo. That massive silent place at the heart of Africa. My beliefs, morals and general way of thinking has been influenced by my parents. My role models. They are my walking, talking, living and breathing model of hard work. Not just with the support of my parents, siblings, I’m also lucky enough to have the support of my partner in crime Holly, of which we are currently coming up to our third year together. It’s honestly true what they say about time, it flies when you’re having fun.

I’ve been taught and lived with a certain way of thinking and sense of direction. Targets, aims, goals have always been placed in front of me to achieve and move onto the next one. I would personally describe myself as a thoughtful, tactful individual, analysing how things can be improved and bettered in my life. Hungry for progression.

And thats where I hate the thought of settling for comfort. The thought of being comfortable and accepting mediocrity from myself is something that I can’t ever envisage myself doing. I’ve never understood why it’s coined the “comfort zone” either, as once an individual willingly or unwillingly accepts a settled way of living/working that requires little effort, that life, that way of living will only yield frustration, as your left with fruitless fruits.

And for those wondering there is nothing wrong with mediocrity or a settled way of life that requires nothing to little effort. Nothing wrong with it all. It’s just not for me, when we live in a time where the world with globalisation in now full effect, has so much to offer, so many opportunities to see things, experience journeys, too many memories to be made in this world. This is why I constantly push my nearest and dearest to more and more and more. This is why, I get frustrated when I notice the acceptance of comfort, accepting the current way of life as it is without any hope of progression.


Imagine we actually live in a world, where you can catch a flight/train for under £100 and you’re in a different country in under three hours. You can actually, pay your rent, pay your bills, buy your food and still afford to spend a day or two abroad every month. This is the world we live in. These are possibilities that we have in our lives. These are the reasons why I constantly push my nearest and dearest to more and more and more.

To live this way of life, to think this way. Acceptance is key, accepting that you can do better, that you should live and love your life better.

Thank you for reading. It’s not about refusing to settle, it’s about living a life of possibilities.


  1. Elaine says:

    Nice to see you back ❤️❤️❤️


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